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WLRGFM-100 Series
IOT Femto Gateway

- In compliance with the latest LoRaWAN specification v1.0.2 and Regional Parameters v1.0.2

- 802.11 b/g/n 2T2R

- Various internet connection: Ethernet, Wireless bridge

- Built in LoRa antenna and optional external

- Support Listen Before Talk for downlink

- Web UI for Configuration

- Support OTA and USB upgrade

- Two classesof LoRa end-device are suppered-Class A and Class C

Specification Hardward Layout Download Certification

This Internet of Things (IoT) Femto Access Point/Gateway is specifically designed for wide area smart grid applications. Applications include, but not limited to automatic meter reading, monitoring fault indicators, monitoring street lights, etc. Typical deployment is using star network configuration similar to mobile network base station. Because of its long range and many device capabilities, it is a much more cost effective way for service providers to deploy this for sensor network.


Femto Gateway in compliance with the latest LoRaWAN specification v1.0.2 and Regional Parameters v1.0.2. It support up to 8 concurrent channels for LoRa transmission. Embedded network server or packet forward mode to work with 3rd party network server. Two classes of LoRa end-device are supported- Class A and Class C. Two activation methods- ABP and OTAA. Supports Listen-Before-Talk (LBT) (supports Japan and Korea only) for downlink. Firmware can be upgraded via OTA or USB port. Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) coverage.


This gateway is very suitable for small business or private area use case like parking space, exhibition center or campus etc. It is also suitable for providing coverage for indoor blind spots. Option support wide frequency range EU 862~870MHz / US902~928MHz / AS923MHz / CN470~510MHz


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