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Power Over Ethernet Client / Splitter

‧ IEEE 802.3af Certified
‧ Remote Power feeding up to 100 meters
‧ Advanced Auto-Sensing Algorithm giving power only to 802.3af end device
‧ High Safety with short Circuit Protection 
‧ Wide Range AC input

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Remote Centralized Power Distribution

SparkLAN POE-120 Power over Ethernet Splitter conforms to IEEE 802.3af. It provides both data transfers and power supply through a single LAN cable. By using POE-120, you can eliminate the need to place an Ethernet-enabled device, such as a wireless AP, near a power outlet, giving you more freedom in placement. POE-120 improves layout flexibility of devices being installed and even eases maintenance tasks. Only a single Ethernet cable is run to each device instead of separate power and data cables.  

Short Circuit Protection
The POE-120 Splitter supply a higher secure power source, keeping the Ethernet device fully protected against any circuit shortage caused by wrong pin assignment or cable damage. POE-120 will disconnect the power circuit when LAN cable gets shorted. This enhances high security and makes LAN cable a reliable power medium.

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