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SparkLAN Wi-Fi Module, Ideal for Healthcare Integration

There has been rapid growth in medical devices that incorporate RF wireless technology and Internet connectivity due to the expansion of Wi-Fi technology and the increasing requirement for portable medical devices. By using of wireless technologies, it enables remote health and wellness services on a wide scale and offers new ways to help people to live healthier, more independent lives at home rather than in healthcare facilities or hospitals 

SparkLAN provides medical device manufacturers diversified Wi-Fi networking modules in different form factors, Wi-Fi technologies, and selectable antennas. In addition, our professional team members offer certification and driver porting consultancy on project basis.

With the increasing use of RF wireless medical devices, continuing innovation and advancements in wireless technology, and an increasingly crowded RF environment, RF wireless technology considerations should be taken into account to help provide for the safe and effective use of these medical devices.

Medical device networking helps to do more with less. It reduces overall costs, improves patient monitoring, and even allows remote real-time monitoring. Patients’ daily life will be improved drastically. SparkLAN is striving to provide modules with quality and stable Wi-Fi connection to ensure your customers’ (the patients) have secure telehealth and telecare services anywhere anytime.


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